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How can I watch Sophie? I can't find it anywhere...

Hi! Sophie is a short film, and it has played at a few festivals and for now continues to travel the festival circuit (see more on their Facebook page), but it hasn’t been released for everyone to see. Backers for the funding of Sophie were delivered a link to see it at the end of July this year, but as far as we know it is not (yet) available elsewhere.

@sethrudetsky Hanging out with Jonathan Groff in San Fran!



@whatsupdanny​ Isn’t he the cutest? (And the nicest) 


sammyprincejr: Had so much fun shooting tonight with Jonathan Groff and Lauren Weedman! HBO Looking Season 2 is going to be AMAZING!

@tsaracho Lindo.

tsaracho @lookinghbo @andrewhaigh1973

@tanyasaracho Table read.

@jclee1230 let’s do a table reading